A Message from Bill Rock Chairman, Stratford's Waterfront and Harbor Management Commission Updated 7/01/10

Stratford is a shoreline community. Since 1957 Stratford's Waterfront Commission, originally known as the Stratford Waterfront Authority , which in 1988 became the Stratford Waterfront and Harbor Management Commission , has been overseeing the development as well as preservation of Stratford's coastline.

Areas of responsibility include, shoreline construction permit review, maintaining and operating the Birdseye St. Boat Launching complex which includes the launching ramp, docks, fishing pier, Coast Guard Auxiliary dock, and parking lot. The commission issues launching permits for use of this facility. This commission has initiated the process to construct a
Municipal Pier at the Southwest corner of Birdseye St. to encourage the further development and use of the Housatonic River for both economic development and to expand public access. An on line internet camera system has also been put in place as well as a new boat rack to house kayaks and other non motorized small craft.

The commission established a mooring field north of "Pepe's rock" (former day marker platform) and downstream of the route 1 bridge. There are two commission owned moorings available for rent. The area is open to boat owners to place their mooring tackle through coordination with the town's harbor master. Plus a no wake zone has also been established in this area of the channel.

The waterfront commission owns the Harbor Master vessel which is operated by the State appointed Harbor Master.  He carries out the directives of the commission in addition to enforcing state boating regulations. We also own, operate, and maintain a vessel-waste pump-out boat and partnered with the State of Connecticut in one of the most successful pump-out programs in the state.

This year the commission was recognized State wide as the recipient of the 2009 Achievement Award from the Connecticut Harbor Management Association for its vision plan and the execution of that plan to both develop the Stratford Waterfront while preserving its environment.

The Stratford Waterfront and Harbor Management Commission works in coordination with Town , State and Federal agencies to promote the safe and beneficial use of Stratford's coastline and navigable waters and to protect the Town's coastal environment. All members of the public are welcome to attend the commission's monthly meetings to express their waterfront and harbor management interests.

As a reminder, the Stratford Waterfront and Harbor Commission established a mooring field a while back on the Stratford side of the Housatonic River , from just south of the Devon Rt. One Bridge down river to the vicinity of "Pepe's rock" ( abandoned day marker platform just north of the Pootatuck Yacht club) and it is open to the public for the mooring of boats. If you are interested in placing a mooring in this field please contact the Stratford Harbormaster for more information about procedures and fees.
The Stratford Waterfront and Harbor Management Commission is in phase two of a three phase project to construct a municipal pier at the south end of the Birdseye St. launching ramp. As this project progresses we will keep you up to date.
Finally the SWHMC will be developing a long range plan for usage of Long Beach West. At at date to be announced , the commission will hold a public town meeting in Sept. where Stratford Citizens can express their views and make suggestions for consideration regarding future of Long Beach West."

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